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International Phonetic Translations for the Chorus of


    There are literally thousands of languages and dialects spoken on this planet.  The very general translations for the lyrics to the chorus of "We Are All Children" listed below are but a few.  These attempts at phonetic spellings may not be the actual correct spellings or wordage for the languages listed below.
    We encourage you to e-mail us at
    yoomee@yoomee.org if you have suggestions or corrections for our second edition of "YOOMEE and the Wonder Team."

    Chinese: Wuo men dou shi hai zi  Ni he wuo (Mandarin)
    Creole: Nou tout se timoun   Ou ak mwen
    Dutch: We zijn allemaal kinderen 
    English: We are all children   You and I
    Ethiopian: Enya lejoich    Inye an chi
    Farsi:  Homeh bacheh hasteme  Mon va tow
    French: Nous somme vous infants  Vous et moi
    German: Wir sind alle kinder   Du und ich
    Hebrew: Kulanu yelaim    Yeladim aht va-ani
    Italian: Noi siamo rugazzo   Noi et duet
    Japanese: Watachi tachi kodomo desu  Anta to watachi
    Marathi: Aapan surv muleh aahot  Tu ani mee (India)
    Norwegian: Vi er alle barn    Du og jeg
    Portuguese: Nos somos todos criancas  Eu e voce
    Punjabi: Aasi sare bechha ha   Tu atte mein (India)
    Romanian: Noy toetzi soontem kopil 
    Russian: Feschia muy dietche   Ti y ya
    Sinhalese: Api siyalu denama lamai  Oya saha mamai (Sri Lanka)
    Spanish: Todos somos ninos   Tu y yo
    Swedish: Vee alla barn    Du oak yog
    Tagalog: Lahat tayo ay mga anak  Ikaw at ako (Philippines)
    Vietnamese:  Chung ta tat ca la mot (We are all one)

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