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About Yoomee

Yoomee Adventures began in 1995 with its first fully illustrated children's book,

"Yoomee and the Wonder Team"

Spencer, one of Yoomee's many fans, enjoying "Yoomee and the Wonder Team"

501-C-3 Children's Nonprofit Charitable Organization
Ray Wilkins, Ph.D., Director
Patricia Wilkins, Director
19950 North Organ Pipe Drive
Surprise, AZ  85374
(623) 215-3895
Federal EIN 91-1865259

As an all volunteer children's nonprofit 501-C-3 charitable organization Yoomee Adventures has donated thousands of our copyrighted library quality children's books to hospitals, libraries, schools, children's organizations, bookstores and other nonprofits over the past ten years. We have conducted more than one hundred live "Meet the Author" readings, music, discussion and training presentations at no cost to the requesting organizations.  We have no paid staff and all of our funds are used to publish, print and present our books and music.  Our target ages are 4-10, but children of all ages, sizes, shapes, backgrounds, abilities and colors are welcomed to attend our uplifting, positive presentations which emphasize literacy, music, positive self esteem, inclusion, tolerance and bully/teasing awareness/prevention.

Our 30 minute presentations include a brief discussion, the reading of our book, "Yoomee and the Bully" and the singing our song, "We Are All Children" in several languages. We also hand out free coloring and activity sheets to all in attendance and donate books to the hospital, library, school or organization holding the event.

We have donated over 2,000 copies of our first book, "Yoomee and the Wonder Team" to children's nonprofit organizations.  After making over 40 upgrades/changes to the original book, we are proud to present our second book, "Yoomee and the Bully", a full color, library quality entertaining illustrated children's story about dealing with being different, being teased and being bullied through positive self esteem and inner strength.

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