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As with any studies or surveys involving human behaviors, statistics and results may vary (higher or lower) according to a large number of variables including, but not limited to the population(s) studied, geographical areas, number of subjects and time involved in the study or research, the calendar year(s) of the studies, the methods used and the evaluation tools used. 

In addition to children, students, counselors, teachers, doctors, nurses and other experts or professionals, the World wide web has many excellent sources of information for you to consider. Some of our favorite sites are listed below.

By the age of eight, many children have already learned and accepted the concepts and behaviors of teasing, bullying, discrimination and prejudice.  These negative concepts and behaviors can lead to low esteem, thoughts of retaliation, fear of school, discipline problems, violence, depression, thoughts of suicide, submission to peer pressure, truancy and substance abuse.  Some studies even indicate social and emotional problems well into adulthood and the increased possibility of violent criminal behaviors and convictions.  Each month in the approximately 100,000 schools in the U.S. there are over 250,000 recorded acts of criminal or violent behavior. News articles regularly detail suicides or suicide attempts by victims of bullying.






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